Primary School

Being the best we can be


Our vision for Levendale

At Levendale, our vision is “Being the best we can be”. This vision encompasses staff, children and parents alike and is designed to ensure that every member of the Levendale family strive to be the best version of themselves at all times.

The vision has been developed with input from staff, parents and children and forms the basis of our school ethos, alongside our Core Principles of:

What will this look like in practice?

Levendale’s special family feel will be bolstered still further by staff, parents and children all working together in harmony to ensure that all children are able to reach their full potential and are ambitious for their futures; Levendale is a happy, fulfilling and rewarding place to be and attendance figures will reflect that; engagement with all forms of learning, both in and out of school, will be high and all members of the school community will take pride in being a part of what Levendale has to offer. Children will develop and strengthen a love for, and of, learning, whilst their natural inquisitiveness is harnessed and channelled into areas of natural strength and interest. Resilience and a ‘can-do’ positive mindset pervade all areas of the wider curriculum so that area for development can be addressed fully to ensure all children are well-equipped for the next stage of education.

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