Primary School

Being the best we can be

Teaching and Support Staff


Dr R. Beadnall – Designated Safeguarding Lead, Designated Teacher for LAC, SENCo

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs L. Henderson – Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


Mrs D. Dearlove

Mrs S. Fitzgerald

Foundation Stage Team

Mrs A. Stonehouse – EYFS Lead, Reception class teacher.

Miss H. Williams – Nursery class teacher

Ms L. Gardner – TA

Mrs A. Allan – TA

Mrs J. Papworth – TA

Year 1

Mrs L. McMullen – Y1 class teacher

Mrs S. Whincup – Y1 class teacher

Mrs V. Dawson – TA

Year 2

Mrs L. Kirk – Y2 class teacher

Mrs C. Priestley – TA (am)

Year 3

Miss R. Waring – Y3 class teacher

Mrs R. Weston – TA (am)

Year 4

Miss H. Markham – Y4 class teacher

Mrs B. McBride – TA (am)

Miss L. Smith – TA (all day)

Year 5

Mrs K. Butterfield – Y5 class teacher

Mrs J. Gullon – TA

Year 6

Mrs S. Page – Y6 class teacher

Mrs T. Loughran – TA

Mrs B. McBride – TA (pm)

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs P. Lowther

Mrs J. Adams

Miss E. Carling

Miss L. Haggas

Mrs G. Turner

Mrs L. Ware

Mrs P. Mercer

Mrs T. Laird

Mrs M Carrasco

Site Manager

Mr G. Watson


Mrs S. Nuttall

Mrs A. Wells