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Geography Curriculum Aims

At Levendale Primary School, we believe that Geography plays a significant role in developing children’s curiosity about our World.

Our teaching approaches aim to equip children with the knowledge, skills and vocabulary they will need to know about the human and physical world.

We develop the knowledge and skills needed through the key threads:

Levendale Curriculum Goals: Geography

Healthy and SafeChildren learn about different types of weather, locations and environments across the world.   Children learn to use maps and atlases to navigate.   They learn about the benefits of being outdoors and explore places in our local area, such as parks.  
Positive MindsetResilience and having a positive attitude towards learning are encouraged.   Children learn about how being active can have an impact on their well-being.
RespectChildren are respectful in class discussions regarding geography and the diverse World in which we live. They learn about the importance of respecting rights (RRSA), behaviours and our environment.
IndependenceChildren become independent learners and use their learnt skills to complete fieldwork, understand maps, globes and aerial sources and to explore and investigate the world. Children are encouraged to look at geographical challenges and give own opinions.
Pupil VoiceChildren are encouraged to voice opinions in geographical discussions.  We look for opportunities for children to present their work in interesting ways and to take part in projects.
AspirationalWe aim to inspire pupils to be curious about the world. We encourage children to be inquisitive in lessons and through field work.

Our Geography Topics:

In Early years, Geographical foundations are developed through learning about the ‘Natural World’ and ‘Understanding the World’. This happens throughout their time in Early Years and is planned to provide children with many opportunities, including being able to explore the environment, use natural resources and learn about their locality.

Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
The World and my school  My Local area & Tulum, Mexico  The United Kingdom  My region and Campania, Italy  My region and the Western United States  The Economic Activity of the UK  
Our local Park (Fieldwork)  Investigating weather and climate (Fieldwork)Bee Conservation (Fieldwork)    Locality Unit (Fieldwork)    Rivers (Fieldwork)    Locality Unit (Fieldwork)  
Our School environment (Fieldwork)     Land use, economic activity and travel (Fieldwork)Investigating weather and climate (Fieldwork)  Biomes and ecosystems (Fieldwork)  Sustainability (Fieldwork)    
Levendale Geography Progression of Knowledge and Skills Map