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Maths Curriculum Aims

At Levendale Primary School, we have high expectations and believe all children can achieve.

We aim for all children to:

These are not seen as separate strands but are incorporated throughout lessons all the time. To fully master a subject, we also believe children should be able to explain their thinking and reasoning and confidently teach others. The use of language is therefore a feature of all maths lessons as it develops children’s reasoning and explanation. At Levendale, we aim to create independent mathematicians who are well equipped to apply their learning to the wider world. We do this by using real life contexts, helping children to develop skills they can use in their everyday lives. It gives Maths meaning. It makes Maths more fun!

Whole School Curriculum Aims

Levendale Curriculum Goals – Maths

Healthy and SafeAt Levendale, our aim is for all children to feel safe and ready to learn. Children are encouraged to ask for help when they find something difficult, with the knowledge that someone will always be there to help them. Children are encouraged to use technology to help develop their sills within Maths and are taught how to stay safe when doing so.
Positive MindsetAt Levendale, we very much adopt a ‘can do’ approach to Maths and instil the notion in children that they can all achieve. Adults and children alike have high expectations for themselves and for others. This is promoted throughout school.
RespectAt Levendale, all children are taught to be respectful when working with each other. They are reminded that it is ok to make mistakes as it is all part of the learning process.
IndependenceChildren are given the opportunity to develop skills of logical thinking and encouraged to solve problems by applying their mathematics to a variety of problems with increasing complexity. Through carefully considered fluency sessions from Early Years to Year 6, children continually develop their rapid recall of key facts allowing them to approach other areas of maths and problem solving with confidence.
Pupil VoiceWithin lessons, children are given the opportunity to explain their mathematical thinking to their peers in small groups and whole class discussions. Children are encouraged to follow a line of enquiry and develop and present justification, argument or proof using mathematical language. Children are encouraged to support and help each other within maths lessons and use their knowledge and understanding to help others learn.
AspirationsOur Maths curriculum is designed so all children can achieve. We strive to make maths lessons challenging and exciting through a variety of tasks. We look for opportunities to work with other schools across The 1590 Trust to promote high expectations and challenge for all children. Skills and knowledge within Maths is consistently promoted within and across year groups so children can continually progress on their mathematical journey. 
Levendale Maths Curriculum